SecuriLas Ltd. is a holder of security certificates issued by Bratislava County Directorate of Slovak Police Force and National Security Authority, and implemented an Integrated Management System in order to achieve the maximal quality of services provided.

SecuriLas, Ltd. complies with the requirements for technical service operators conducting protection of property and persons, as well as industrial security conditions for reception, delivery and generation of information classified as 'confidential'.

SecuriLas Quality Policy

  • Maintain employee satisfaction by improving the working conditions by just evaluation of professional performance, a social programme and possibility of career growth.
  • Achieve permanent stability and prosperity of the company by means of high quality products and services provided to customers.
  • Constantly work on improving the quality of services provided to customers.
  • Increase the level of responsibility of all employees and ensure their active participation in decision processes.
  • Monitor the latest trends in the field of security systems and their practical application.
  • Maintain and constantly improve the quality management system.
  • Comply with environmental, work health and safety obligations deriving from existing legislation.
  • Monitor and minimise the emergence of health and safety hazards, risks of disease, accidents and adverse events at workplace, as well as the production of waste as a result of our activity.
  • Increase the employee awareness in the field of environment and health and safety at work on all sites by continuous training.
  • Analyse and minimise risk of injuries and accidents at workplace.
  • Inform the public about environmental protection, safety of our employees and care of our products.
  • Place emphasis on prevention and anticipation of defects, accidents and emergencies, as opposed to focusing on removal of detected failures.
  • Favour waste recovery as opposed to waste disposal.
  • Apply the principle of prevention and continuous improvement to environmental protection, safety at workplace, and care and maintenance of our products.
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