Proven products

Our philosophy is to provide complex solutions in the field of security and safety. Complex solutions need to operate flawlessly. For this reason we rely on proven quality products and cooperate with leaders in the field.

SecuriFire 500

Premium fire detection system for small and medium-sized enterprises. SF 500 m.jpg

SecuriFire 500 offers an outstanding performance at an affordable price. 

uPASS.pngUser and vehicle verification using an automatic UHF reader.

TruPortal IP access control system with CCTV integration is ready to grow with you

A professional system for small and medium-sized installations, which can contain up to 64 doors and 64 cameras. In case you require an extended system in the future, it is ready for integration into OnGurad, which has no limitations of the number of doors and cameras.

trezor.pngKeep your privacy and valuables for yourself. A safe does not need to be large or without style.

axxonnext.pngAxxonNext is a complex security system with a wide array of configuration and utilisation options.

Security for the elderly
seniori.pngAn immediate alert in a crisis situation can significantly affect its outcome. It can even save a life.
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