Access control

Protection of persons, property and specifically company information is particularly important nowadays. While an intruder alarm system protects against danger mainly at night, access control systems operate during the day. One of the main roles of the system is to allow access of authorised persons to selected areas without disrupting the usual operation of the organisation.

The purpose of the protection varies based on the internal and external risks. Sometimes, it may be crucial to deny access of unauthorised persons to areas where health and safety risks are high. Other times, it may be necessary to limit the access to sensitive areas.

Control of access to company information has a critical role. A soundly designed system involves a card that in addition to allowing authorised persons to enter specific areas also allows access to the IT infrastructure of the organisation. Linking these two systems by a single medium produces a synergic effect: the owner of the card is required to remove their card from the reader at the computer in order to move in the building equipped with an access control system.

Ideally, a physical access control system should be linked to a camera system.

SecuriLas offers three basic solutions:
  • TruPortal, a flexible access control system with IP connectivity that enables remote control via mobile applications, including remote opening of doors. The system has a limit of 64 controlled doors, independent on whether the control is uni- or bi-directional. It is possible to link 64 cameras to the system.
  • For integrated security solutions we offer OnGuard, the most complex and robust solution on the market. 
  • A simple solution that is convenient for customers who do not require high-level security and their requirements are satisfied by a system that simply opens a door to an authorised person. Such a system only allows basic configuration and constitutes an extension of an intruder alarm system with access control modules.
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