Intruder alarm systems

Intruder alarm systems are systems that detect unauthorised entries into a building or an area. In contrast with residential solutions, commercial solutions employ intruder alarm systems mainly at night and on bank holidays for protection against forced entry and theft, protecting persons and reducing the risk of property damage.

The systems used in the past were simpler, with a low capacity in terms of the number of linked detectors, individuals with a unique code, limited event log, and the number of individually activated subsystems. Similarly to the residential systems, commercial intruder alarm systems can be linked with safety sensors. They are mainly used in server rooms, where in practice we frequently encounter problems caused by malfunctioning devices responsible for maintaining the optimal operational temperature that lead to the operational temperature exceeding the permitted limits or flooding. If a site has no stand-alone fire detection system, fire detectors are built on as well.

In case of an alarm, the authorised person can verify it using an audio module, a specialised detector with a built-in camera, or an IP camera linked to specific detectors for this purpose.

Essential elements of residential solutions are increasingly frequently used in commercial solutions as well. The systems that we offer can be controlled and monitored using a smartphone application. This allows the user to communicate with the system using a smartphone, a web browser, or SMS commands.

SecuriLas supplies tailored solutions, which we endeavour to optimally adapt to the mode of the workplace. Our sophisticated solutions use combinations of multiple types of detectors so that the customer receives a system that meets their security as well as usability requirements.

The majority of investors gives a low amount of attention to the selection of their security system, because they do not realise that the system will be used regularly and long-term. The consequences of an inappropriate system design, especially at larger sites, include at best the system not being used to its full extent, which we consider wasteful, and at worst the inability to operate the system in line with the site requirements. For this reason, we recommend that everybody ascertains the type of protection and the usability of the offered solution. It is not always sensible to rely completely on the project designer - they will not use the system and therefore may not consider every aspect.

It is also important not to forget about the quality of the offered maintenance service during and after the warranty period. SecuriLas is among the top companies in technological solutions and the quality of the maintenance service during and after the warranty period offered to its customers. We aim to promptly correct your system malfunctions, not only when we drive by.

Book a demonstration of the system at our company. It is better to view the features of the system live and find out more about our customer support. To decide based on information from the internet or an advertisement is not the best option.

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