Video intercoms

Just like all solutions offered by SecuriLas, our video intercoms operate on an IP platform.

Utilisation of the IP technology is decisively beneficial, particularly in commercial and industrial implementations. The IT infrastructure is often built on the whole site, simplifying any alterations after the installation to a large extent. The alterations do not necessarily consist of expansion, but may also involve translocation of some of the components, division of the system into smaller independent groups, or merging of smaller independent systems into a single unit. In such cases, most of the existing components can be retained.

Another important factor is the simpler integration of IP video intercoms into an extended system, which can involve interconnection with the IP telephony or an integrated security system.

We offer a wide range of external units in terms of the number of users by means of expansion modules or a multifunctional panel with a menu where users can be found in a list on the display of the device.

Apart from standard panels, the range also includes vandal-resistant models, which ensures an increased resistance against damage or destruction by various elements.

Combination of various units within a system is of course possible.

Internal units also come in a variety of models, whether in terms of colour or surface design.

We have not forgotten about localisation; Slovak language menu on the displays as well as audio is available. Foreign language versions are also available for multinational clients.
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