CCTV including online and forensic video analytics

Video surveillance systems, also known as CCTV, closed circuit television, are used for the visual monitoring of selected areas using video cameras, monitors on which the stream is viewed, storage of the camera footage for analysis and evaluation.

SecuriLas has always provided its clients with the newest technologies and innovative solutions; in 1996, we ceased offering B&W cameras in standard solutions and instead preferred more expensive colour cameras, which offered a much higher informative value, and we changed over to IP technologies at the turn of the millennium. Considering that there are marked differences in the quality of camera system components, we endeavour to find the optimal solution for our clients. So that we can offer a stable solution that also produces informative footage at suboptimal lighting conditions at the best possible price, we also make maximum effort to test the components in our merchandise. For this reason, our merchandise contains cameras from multiple prestigious producers. Our company has secured a high quality technical support straight from the producers.

A large number of clients do not realise the importance of proper video management, which not only has to provide footage of the required quality, but also has to be user friendly. Those users who underestimate this factor are often unpleasantly surprised when they have to search for a specific event in the footage.

For this reason we standardly offer the AxxonNext video management system from Axxon Soft, which has a unique user interface. An interesting feature is the option for the customer, if they are technically adept, to download and test a 16-camera version free of charge. They can also arrange a presentation session with one of our technicians, who can demonstrate the options of the solution in practice on our demo system.

In case an integrated security system with an active link of video surveillance to events from other security systems is required, we offer the OnGuard solution from Lenel, the global leader in the field.

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