Video intercoms

Video intercoms enable bilateral communication with the person located at the entrance to the site or to a restricted area. In residential implementations, the intercoms are usually situated at the entrance door or gate. A simple assembly consists of an external unit with an inbuilt camera, a doorbell, and an audio communication module. The internal unit has a display that shows the video from the camera, audio, and push-buttons to operate the door lock and other additional functions.

Why choose a solution designed and implemented by SecuriLas?

Our solutions use modern technologies based on IP, which give intercoms in residential solutions another dimension.

All the elements comply with strict design requirements. The internal units have an LCD touch screen and standard external units have an inbuilt card reader enabling a straightforward means of door opening for the users. A vandal-resistant version with an increased robustness is available for sites in high-risk areas.

Thanks to the utilisation of IP technology, the system is very flexible. An assembly consisting of up to 5 monitors and 8 external units can be set up from the basic elements. The communication of external units with specific monitors is configured in the settings. The monitors can communicate with one another and function as a home intercom system. The customer is not compelled to adapt to the existing installation; the IP system can be adapted by changing the settings.

Another interesting feature is an answering system: a visitor can leave a message in your absence, which you can play as a video clip on the monitor when you return.

If your system is connected to the Internet, configuration changes are straightforward. Our service technician can change the parameters remotely.

This is only one example of the many possibilities that are unavailable when using analogue systems. Until now, IP solutions for common residential implementations were expensive. These barriers fall thanks to our solutions designed specifically for the residential market.
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