Company profile

SecuriLas Ltd. specialises in professional security of high risk premises by means of electronic security systems. Our technologies and solutions can be found in office buildings, organisations working with sensitive information–which require specific protection, industrial premises, banks, and shopping centres.

In short, anywhere where high demands are placed on protection of property, technology, or information.

We endeavour to utilise our skills and ability to devise professional and complex security solutions for our customers. Our aim is to ensure the well-being of our customers which follows the fulfillment of one of the basic human needs: the need to feel safe. This way our company contributes to building of a safer and more prosperous future.

Company Values

  • Professionality:    Through cooperation with high-end suppliers, we strive to deliver the most professional solutions on the global market to our customers.
  • Security:    The feeling of safety goes hand in hand with the feeling of comfort and prosperity, and we therefore understand very well the need of our customers to have their property out of harm's way. We consider it our mission to ensure this feeling.
  • Modernity:    There is no room for obsolete systems when protecting property, technology and information. We endeavour to remain up-to-date with the latest developments and offer our customers cutting edge security system solutions. Our employees are continually educated and trained in the latest practices and technology.
  • Care:    Handover of the security system to the client is not the end of its story. Hence we offer a first class maintenance service for our security systems.
  • Individual approach:    Our security designs are based on the customers' needs while respecting the specificities of the premises. We are therefore capable of protecting administrative buildings and commercial premises equally well as manufacturing facilities (cement works, manufactories of light bulbs and automobile components, electrical substations), while fully respecting the individual needs of our clients.
  • People:    Our company consists of people, who build it. For our customers and suppliers, we aim to create conditions that allow them to work efficiently and comfortably.
  • Data protection:    There is no room for error when protecting property. Our clients' data and privacy is therefore protected as thoroughly as their property is protected by our security systems.
  • Responsibility:    We believe that the prosperity of a company cannot be based solely on individuals. The same level of responsibility lies with private companies. We therefore strive to conduct our business in such manner to build a bright future for the following generations.

Our History

The company was founded in 1993 under the name Fittich Alfa Ltd. as a branch of the Swiss company Fittich AG. In 2004, after leaving the Fittich group, the commercial name was changed to SecuriLas Ltd.

Thanks to the long standing operation in the field of security, we have a broad expertise in the security of premises and we offer services of the highest quality.

The references section contains a number of companies and organisations that entrusted us with their security.
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