Safety detectors

Safety detectors provide additional information about the operational conditions of the monitored environment. These solutions are used to strengthen the protection of technologies or persons at specified areas or to prevent damage caused by accidents on the site.

On residential sites, detectors monitoring the surroundings of specific technologies are linked with intruder alarm systems on 24-hour loops.

Based on the type of application and the risks, specialised detectors, which ensure the conveyance of information about changes in environmental parameters, are used in on specific sites.

The following factors are measured in practice on residential sites:
  • gas leak: detectors of CO or gases used in heating systems (methane, propane, butane)
  • fire: smoke or combination fire detector with a relay output
  • flooding: a detector monitoring the escape of liquid and its abundance on the floor adjacent to devices such as air conditioning, swimming pool technologies, boiler, etc.
The specialised detectors in our offer for residential sites can transmit information either over wire or wirelessly. Wireless versions enable later expansions of the system; if the clients could not decide during the implementation of the system, the monitoring can later be expanded based on their needs at that time.
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