Intruder alarm systems

Intruder alarm systems are systems that detect unauthorised entries into a building or an area. Security systems are used in residential, commercial, industrial and military sites to protect against intrusion and theft, protecting persons and reducing the risk of property damage.

In the past, intruder alarm systems served a single purpose: protection against burglary. At present, the systems can be linked with technological sensors detecting physical quantities, enabling the expansion of the system functions to produce an alarm in case of flooding, gas leaks, fire, changes of temperature, etc. The newest systems allow audio and video verification of alarms, as well as adding simple access control system modules.

At larger sites, this system is usually linked with the camera system, the fire alarm, the access control system, the visitor management system, etc., as a part of an integrated solution. Extensive systems can be built locally in a building complex, but the emergence of modern IT technologies allows the construction of global solutions that can operate in specified regions or even transnationally.

Within Enterprise solutions, the most sophisticated solution is implemented at the headquarters and simpler solutions at the individual branches. Interconnection into a single logical ensemble is now a certainty.

For these kinds of solutions, SecuriLas recommends using an integrated technology that can be expanded. Naturally, remote management is included, increasing the cost-effectivity of the operation.

Simple systems consist of a single or multiple motion detectors and alert the user after an intruder has entered a secure area. Sophisticated solutions use a combination of a variety of detector types so that the client gets a system meeting their security and ease of use requirements. Larger companies possess formulated security standards, which apply on their sites.

If your company has no existing security standards, we will be happy to aid you with their formulation.

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