Intruder alarm systems

Intruder alarm systems are systems that detect unauthorised entries into a building or an area. In residential implementations, security systems are used mainly for protection against burglary to reduce the risk of property damage as well as to protect persons.

In the past, intruder alarm systems served a single purpose: protection against burglary. Nowadays, the systems can be linked with safety systems, which detect physical quantities and allow the extension of the system to monitoring of the premises for escape of liquid, gas, fire, changes in temperature etc. (see safety detectors). Recent trends also include the ability to verify the alarm through audio and video.

Modern systems can be controlled and monitored via a smartphone app. Residential solutions offered by SecuriLas allow the user to communicate with their system using a smartphone, via a web browser, as well as through SMS commands. The systems accommodate audio and video verification of alarms, which in practice allows the user to listen to the activity on the site as well as obtain visual information in the form of a static image from a specialised detector or live view using an IP camera linked with the intruder alarm system.

SecuriLas implements tailored solutions that often do not differ in price from simple systems consisting of a single or several motion detectors, which alert the user after the intruder entered the premises. Our sophisticated solutions consist of various types of detectors so that the customer receives a system meeting their security and ease of use requirements.

When purchasing a security system for their houses, flats or holiday cottages, most people do not realise that the system will be used regularly and long-term. The system has to serve the client and the client should not be a slave for the system or the supplier. For this reason, we recommend that everybody ascertains what type of protection and user comfort lies behind the quotes from different suppliers.

It is also important not to forget about the quality of the offered maintenance service during and after the warranty period. SecuriLas is among the top companies in technological solutions and the quality of the maintenance service during and after the warranty period offered to its customers. We aim to promptly correct your system malfunctions, not only when we drive by.

Book a demonstration of the system at our company. It is better to view the features of the system live and find out more about our customer support. To decide based on information from the internet or an advertisement is not the best option.
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