Fire detection and fire alarm systems

Fire detection and fire alarm systems are used to detect fire at the premises and are not intended only for large sites. We offer a fitting solution for small and medium-sized sites as well.

Within installations for these types of sites, it is sufficient to use a small compact switchboard with an inbuilt control panel. TCP/IP connection enabling remote control and quick maintenance is of course included in our offer.

Just like for the large systems, a complex selection of detetctors, including detection systems for custom implementations, is available to our customers. Even smaller implementations can have their own specifics. An important factor is the design and the realisation of the system so that fire can be detected as fast as possible. Based on our experience, if the system is correctly designed, the fire at a standard site can be extinguished by the personnel without the need to dispatch firefighters.

If you cannot decide whether or not to install a fire detection and fire alarm system at your premises (depending on the fire protection design, it may not be necessary), consider the magnitude of the expenses as a result of disruption of normal operation of your company due to a fire. Also consider investing into preventative measures, which are often cheaper.

For smaller installations, we offer detection systems for custom implementations adapted for smaller premises, enabling us to minimise the expenses.
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