Access control

At present, the protection of persons, property, and particularly corporate information is important. While intruder alarm systems are chiefly used to protect from danger at night, access control systems operate at daytime. One of their main purposes is to ensure that only authorised persons can enter specified areas without disrupting the normal operation of the organisation.

The grounds for such protection vary based on external and internal risks. Entry of unauthorised persons to specific areas should be denied due to e.g. high health and safety risks, or confidentiality.

Access to company information has a crucial role; a sensibly designed system of physical access control, which grants access through doors to authorised persons, uses the same card for access into the IT infrastructure of the company. The linkage of these two systems utilising this single medium produces a synergic effect: the card owner needs to withdraw the card from the computer so that they can move within the building equipped with the access control system.

It is ideal to link the physical access control system with the camera system on the site.

We offer two basic solutions for customers form large enterprises:

  • A full TruPortal flexible access control system with IP connectivity, which can be managed via mobile applications and also allow opening doors remotely. The system has a limit of 64 controllable doors, either uni- or bidirectionally. Up to 64 cameras can be linked with the system. When a more extensive system is required, the existing hardware can be integrated into an OnGuard complex security solution.
  • To our customers who require an integrated security solution, we offer the OnGuard product, which is the most complex and robust access control solution on the market.
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