Fire detection and fire alarm systems

Nowadays open fire is used less often, as it has been replaced with electricity to a large extent. However, fires can also be started by sparks, short circuits and electrical discharges from electrical wiring. The fire is small-scale at first and a small amount of water is enough to extinguish it, but when it spreads, it is not easy to stop its destructive power. For this reason, automatic detection systems play a crucial role in protection against fire.

Fire detection and fire alarm systems are especially underrated within building security. It is often considered a necessary evil. But in contrast to other security systems, its failure has tremendous consequences, such as irremediable damage to property and health, and loss of life. Redundancy in order to decrease the risk of system failure is therefore important. The solutions we offer for enterprises do not only encompass the redundant power supply and wiring as required by law, but redundant main control electronics as well.

Automatic fire alarm system is a reliable means of fire outbreak detection, it warns every person at risk and mobilises the operators for immediate action in order to extinguish the fire as quickly as possible.

In order to ensure the best and most reliable detection, the following factors have to be taken into account when choosing a fire alarm system:

  • the types of fire that can be expected or are the most probable
  • the signs of a fire in its incipient stage
  • the factors that can lead to false alarms
  • room height
  • the environments in which fire should be detected
    It is necessary to take into account the influence of the surroundings in terms of the building constructions and materials within the monitored area (paper, plastic, wood, paint and varnishes, fuels, electronics, computers, etc.).

Custom applications

In those cases when conventional point detectors are inappropriate, whether for aesthetic, practical, or technological reasons, detection systems for custom applications are the optimal solution. There are two main groups of products: aspirating smoke detectors and linear heat detectors.

SecuriLas is one of the leaders in implementation of detection systems for custom applications. We have hundreds of applications in various environments, including industrial, historic buildings or areas where aesthetics is important and conventional detectors would be disruptive.

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