Key management

Key management for small and medium-sized solutions does not require the same level of complexity as those for large buildings and organisations do. Key management does not only prevent unauthorised use of keys, but also constitutes a documented system that includes information about the state and usage of important keys, as well as reports about the use of emergency keys in critical situations.

For the segment of small and medium-sized implementations, a simple solution is usually sufficient. Such a solution can be based on either a mechanical system without electronics for keys of lower importance that only require the information about the persons in possession of the key, or extended to a small electronic solution with a 21 key capacity that allows the access to keys to be restricted to specific persons and records information about the movement of the key - when and by whom the key was withdrawn and returned.

If the customer has more complex requirements, a system with a larger capacity or a custom solution will be provided.

Within key management, it is important to consider that keys do not unlock doors, but can also be used for operation of machinery or vehicles, which can only be operated by authorised persons. Establishment of a key management system allows you to improve safety at workplace and gain information about the use of specific machinery.

If you require a larger or a custom solution, contact the professionals at SecuriLas and we shall design the most appropriate solution for your site in terms of functionality and cost-effectivity.
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