Safety detectors

Safety detectors provide additional information about the operational conditions of the monitored environment. These solutions are used to strengthen the protection of technologies or persons at specified areas. These often include server rooms, special production premises with a higher level of health and safety risk to the employees.

Detectors monitoring the surroundings of specific technologies are generally linked with intruder alarm systems on 24-hour loops. In more extensive and complex systems, specialised systems are implemented and subsequently integrated in the global control system at the site, linked to evacuation systems and measurement and regulation.

Based on the type of application and the risks, specialised detectors or detection systems with unique evaluation units, which ensure the conveyance of information about changes in environmental parameters, are used in at specific sites.

The following factors are measured in practice at commercial and industrial sites:
  • temperature: exceedance of specified limits, steep increase in temperature
  • gas leak: specialised detectors and detection systems for different types of gases
  • smoke: specialised technological units possess built-in fire detection tools
  • humidity: exceedance of specified limits of relative air humidity
  • loudness: a change in volume at the site; in addition to increases, decreases are monitored as well, which can indicate power cuts or defects of machinery at the site
Simpler systems allow the installation of technologies intended chiefly for residential sites, such as simpler flood detectors, detectors sensing escapes of CO, methane or propane-butane, technological fire detectors (not EN54 certified), etc.
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